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                                                             Hi my name is dan,iam 15 years old & this is my website
I became interested in chickens when my grandad rescued some light sussex chicks about 5 years ago,they all turned out to be cockerels but i was hooked.So i bought myself  a trio of pekin bantams,the females turned out to be very brooody hens & hatched 11 eggs between them.I sold most of the chick & bought a rhode island red cock & some light sussex hens & a small incubator, now have approx 30+ birds.I sale my excess stock so i can keep my hobby going & to help other people  enjoy the backyard chicken (ESPEICALLY THE FRESH EGGS EVERY MORNING).
I mainly breed pekin bantams & rhode island red x light sussex,but do have other breeds available ie lohmans browns,bluebells,light sussex speckled & other hyrid & prue breed hens(please contact me for details or check birds for sale section updated regularly). I am hoping to expand and have some cream legbars, bantam orpingtons and possibly some ducks early next year so watch this space for updates on new arrivals. Supplies and housing also available